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Yates Industries Welcomes New Inside Sales Manager

June 24, 2015

June 2015 | St Clair shores, MI Yates Industries is proud to announce Jeremy Hartman has joined the team as the Inside Sales Manager. Hartman brings almost a decade and a half of sales and sales management experience to the company. His experience spans a variety of positions ranging from the mortgage industry to pneumatic tool sales and most recently as Inside Sales Manager for Allied Electronics.

Hartman will now oversee Yates Industries’ Inside Sales Department, responding to customer requests for quotes, ensuring orders are completed on time and new business development.

“We go above and beyond the call of duty,” Hartman said when asked about Yates focus on customer service. “We really value accessibility and want our customers to know they can call us anytime and their calls won’t go to voicemail. That’s what makes good customer service great.”

He believes that high quality customer service, along with product innovation is the key to Yates’ growth in the future. “Right now, we provide a quality product at a fair price, so sales is about building relationships and understanding customer needs. The key is to build relationships,” Hartman said.

Building new relationships is the strategy as Yates continues to grow their service area and product line. Their recently added Atlanta manufacturing plant not only expanded regions the company serves but added an entire line of welded-body cylinders for the increasingly diverse needs of their clients. The Atlanta plant is a vital complement to the company’s Michigan and Alabama facilities to ensure great customer service in all regions east of the Mississippi.

Part of Mr. Hartman’s role will be heading the regional sales network and growing new territories outside Yates’ current regions, including all areas west of the Mississippi.

About Yates Industries | Yates Industries is a third generation, family-owned cylinder manufacturing company improving and providing high performance hydraulic cylinder products and services to the steel, aerospace, defense, shipping, automotive and manufacturing industries. With 43 years of experience, Yates’ team of dedicated professionals are the benchmark of the industry. For more information about Yates Industries call 586.778.7680 or visit them online at

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