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What it Means to be a Family-Owned Cylinder Manufacturer is Exactly What it Means to Be Part of a Community

April 3, 2015

In the last few months, as we moved into the holiday season and the new year, we started reflecting on what it means to be a 2nd generation family-owned company.  There are many things that we’re grateful for of as we head into our 43rd year selling, manufacturing and repairing a full line of industrial cylinders.

One of the best parts about being a growing family-owned company is that as we add locations, like Alabama in 2007 and now Georgia in 2014, we can bring that close-knit, customer-service oriented culture to each new location.

Being a real part of and giving back to our new communities is a big part of that family-oriented culture. There are many ways we do this every year, through charitable donations, sponsorships, community events, educational tours, and more.

This year, as the holiday season was coming to a close, the Shorewood Kiwanis Club near our Yates Industries Headquarters in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan asked us if we’d help them with a year-end donation.

If you have a Kiwanis Club in your community you know they are made up of dedicated, community-minded businesses and people focused on making a difference for a variety of local organizations who do the same.

Because Shorewood Kiwanis lives by the Motto that guides all Kiwanians,
“Serving Our Communities, One Child at a Time”, they support many community-based organizations and projects that help kids.

Some of the programs we are proud we’ll be supporting this year along with them are: books for pre-school readers in the local library, various events for special needs children, several literacy and reading programs as well as four different children’s hospitals throughout Michigan.

Interestingly, Kiwanis was started by Allen S. Browne and Joseph G. Prance in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan and it has since grown into a global service and social organization with thousands of clubs all over the world.

If giving back to the community is something you or your company would like to do we high recommend checking out your local chapter. Most Kiwanis chapters we’ve seen regularly feature guest talks from local business and community leaders. They a worthy group to get involved in for learning, networking and giving back to your community. Check them out.

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