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Our Cylinders May Not Seem Exciting But What They Do Certainly Is

September 12, 2014

Yates Cylinders Make Simulation Machines Feel Like the “Real Thing”

Have you ever seen one of those simulation machines in the mall? You know the ones – they look like a short and stubby spaceship and fit about 6 people at 5 or 10 bucks a pop. Once inside, they close the door and you enter a new simulated world.

Maybe you’re flying above mountains or plummeting over a waterfall or checking out the Milky Way.

When you’re inside flying down Niagara falls or racing over an impossibly steep roller coaster the last thing you think about is “how” or “what” is making it feel so realistic.

A main component of these machines are high tech industrial pneumatic cylinders for smoothly and safely simulating the motion.

Yates Industries makes these pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Though our cylinders and the technology behind them may not seem very exciting or sexy, what they do is.

The “top gun” guys rely on our cylinders to train pilots and an Earthquake Test Lab in Pennsylvania uses them to simulate seismological disaster. You can also find multi-million dollar versions of that “spaceship from the mall” in Las Vegas Casinos and at in Florida amusement parks. Yates cylinders power all of them.

Whether they’re used to educate, entertain, explore or train, all of these machines needs the most reliable, heavy-duty cylinders available. We make them.

Any airplane that has “crash landed” safely and the many fighter pilots who make it back from impossible odds, are proof positive of the value of realistic training with simulation equipment. Much of the realism depends on the reliable, high tech hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders you might never even think about.

With millions of visitors to amusement parks every year it’s obvious that the custom cylinders used in these applications also need to stand up to extensive and repeated use. The cylinders we make at Yates work at peak performance safely and without fail in every application and we think that is pretty exciting and maybe even a little sexy.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make your own flight simulator, feel free to check out 10 Steps to Build Your Own Flight Simulator Instructable. Give us a call when you get to the pneumatic cylinder step, we might have what you need.

About Yates Industries

We have locations throughout the U.S. that allow us to offer door-to-door services for most manufacturers east of the Mississippi.

Our Saint Clair Shores, Michigan World Headquarters maintains the largest most complete repair facility in the Midwest, warehousing a huge inventory of tubing, rod stock, cold-rolled bar and seals.

In the South we have Yates Cylinders Alabama Division and our newest location, Yates Cylinders Georgia in Austell, GA to serve the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. Our services include 24-hour emergency hydraulic cylinder repair, cylinder pick-up and delivery. With our in-house design, engineering and field application services we can do custom manufacturing and even come on-site to fulfill any possible cylinder-related needs.

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