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Hydraulic Cylinders Break — Repair Can Save Money & Increase Production

June 20, 2014

Cost savings and increased productivity are crucial for any company. Developing and adhering to a maintenance and hydraulic cylinder repair program for your hydraulic cylinders when they breakdown or wear out, instead of buying new, provides both – increased production and decreased costs.

This one thing accounts for 80% of hydraulic cylinder failures

Maximizing the life of a hydraulic cylinder begins with a dedicated approach to maintenance. The biggest culprit in cylinder failure is fluid contamination. This single item accounts for close to 80% of all hydraulic cylinder failures. Not having an established regular fluid inspection schedule and cleanliness targets can result in high levels of micron particles that will eventually score the cylinder rod, cylinder bores and lead to seal failure.

Fluid inspection frequency factors

Depending on your industry, system, usage, and maintenance standards, hydraulic fluid should be checked a minimum of once per quarter and sent out to a lab for an ISO cleanliness test. The fluid will be graded on 6 levels ranging from 2 up to 50 microns. The results of the test will determine whether the fluid needs to be changed or filtered to get back within specifications. Servo value systems, because of the close tolerances and precise nature of the equipment, will require special attention and very high cleanliness standards.

Regular checking of connections, boots & mounts means fewer problems

Periodic inspections of the cylinders to ensure that pivot points are greased, rod end connections are tight and not working loose from their mounts and checking that rod boots are in good condition can prevent potential problems.

Established inspection systems can extend hydraulic cylinder life

There are numerous other reasons cylinders fail, preventing any of them depends on systematic inspections and detailed procedures of what and how to inspect. Cylinders can break because of inappropriate application for the specific task or an improper mounting, which can create extra stress and cause failure. Of course there is always the potential of a random event, like a piece of construction equipment or manufacturing material falling on an exposed cylinder rod causing a nick or other defect on the surface. Regular inspections can help you catch small things before they turn into big things and cause partial or complete premature failure of your hydraulic cylinder.

Repair or Replace? That is the question.

Parts break. Machines wear out. Same goes for even the highest quality Yates’ cylinders and applying the most stringent maintenance standards. Eventually a cylinder is going to fail or simply wear out under normal use. Choosing hydraulic cylinder repair as your first option could save 10s of thousands on a single cylinder.

Knowing what caused premature cylinder failure can save even more

Repairing a cylinder instead of buying a new one not only saves money, it can mean faster turn around times, and in many cases help you identify the cause of the failure and make the necessary corrections that will eliminate the problem in the future.

Do you sell or repair hydraulic cylinders? Then why stock them?

In the past, companies stocked a spare cylinder or two as back up to assure continuity of production; however, in today’s economy that’s just too expensive for most companies. The lean solution is using specialized hydraulic cylinder repair facilities like Yates Industries. We have a 24-hour/ 7 Day a week emergency hydraulic cylinder repair service and we have a huge warehouse with a complete selection of parts and materials so we can do almost any cylinder repair in a quarter of the time (or less) than it takes to machine a whole new replacement.

How fast can you repair my broken cylinder? How fast do you need it?

We can often repair and ship a cylinder within a day or two of receiving the product needing repair. The length of time will depend on the size and condition of the unit, but if your cylinder fails on a Sunday we could very well get you back up and running by Tuesday. We have a small business customer focus with big business capability.

Ready to save 50 grand?

Repairing a failed cylinder can save a company 40–50% of the cost of a new unit. This is huge, considering that new hydraulic cylinders can cost upwards of $100,000 for certain applications.

A large portion of the savings comes about as a direct result of using many of the existing parts in the repair process; it does not compromise the quality of the cylinder but can actually enhance the life of the unit.

Inside and out, top to bottom inspection before we do the repair

Each cylinder receives a thorough inspection at the start of the repair process to determine the overall condition of the unit. During this phase, Yates technicians check to see if there has been any stress placed on the unit from excessive side loads, improper mounting, fluid contamination or a defective seal. All welds are also dye tested for stress cracks.

Our hydraulic cylinder repair process can give you a “better than new” cylinder

This procedure enables our technicians to determine the possible cause of the failure and make the necessary corrections in the repair process to restore the unit to a better than new condition. This is also a time when a determination can be made to assure that the cylinder is the proper fit for the application. In comparison, buying a new cylinder will not address the specific technical or design or other flaws that led to the failure.

Replace, bore, hone and re-chrome. Repaired cylinders back to OEM specs.

During the hydraulic cylinder repair process, defective parts are replaced. The cylinder body is bored and honed if necessary – rods straightened, OD re-chromed, end caps reworked and seals replaced or upgraded if possible. One of the advantages of repairing a cylinder is if a rod has to be machined and re-chromed we will increase the layer of chrome from 1/1000th of an inch upwards to 4/1000th – a process that enhances the surface hardness of the rod and performance life of the cylinder. All cylinders we repair are brought back to like-new, OEM condition and are warranted for workmanship and material for a full 6 months.

If you have a cylinder you need repaired or have questions on establishing a maintenance program for your plant’s hydraulic cylinders you can contact us in Michigan at our 
Corporate Office 
23050 E Industrial Dr 
St Clair Shores, MI 48080 Phone: (586) 778-7680 Email: Or Yates Cylinders Alabama,
 55 Refreshment Place 
Decatur, AL 35601. Phone: (256) 351-8081 Email: Our Emergency repair line is (800) 340-6024.

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