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Safety and Yates – A Proactive Approach

June 26, 2013

By pure coincidence, “Safety” and “Yates” are nearly anagrammatic (only one pesky “f” away), but it’s no accident that Yates is a company that is continually improving our safety procedures for our employees and customers alike.  Allow us now to give you some specifics of how Yates is seeking to play it safe in our workplace.

We introduced a policy that our guests wear orange vests and badges around our shop floor, so that our machine operators are aware of what’s going on in the space, and can easily maneuver around any obstacles, human or otherwise.  Speaking of maneuvering, we also make sure our operators are fully trained by an outside vendor before operating any of our overhead cranes, to ensure that they’re using the machines in the safest and most effective ways possible.  Those same cranes also now come with lights that flash any time they are in motion – to be extra sure our orange-vest-wearing visitors and other employees can steer clear of the moving machines.  All of our guests who visit the shop floor are also restricted from entering certain zones that we have cordoned off; these areas are for employees only, and are clearly marked as such.  Other improvements include lockout procedures for our machines, which only certified employees may perform, and locking steady-rests for our larger pieces on the lathe.

One point we want to stress is that we did not decide to implement these procedures because we learned any safety lessons the hard way.  As conscientious employers and industry professionals, we see it as our duty not only to provide a functional working environment, but also one that protects and promotes the health, and naturally then the safety, of our employees and visiting clients.  We think it’s a mark of a responsible business to invest in safety, and we will continue to cultivate that kind of atmosphere here.

About Yates Industries:

Since 1972, Yates has been at the front lines of the cylinder manufacturing industry, and consistently innovates with new products and services. Yates’ hydraulic cylinder repair is one of the fastest and best in the industry. Learn more about Yates Industries at

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