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Rewarding Employees at Yates

November 19, 2012

Yates isn’t just a company; it’s a family and a team. We like to think that part of why we’ve been successful for over 40 years stems from never losing sight of the importance of each of our employees. We promote a collaborative and innovative environment that prioritizes safety.  We’ve achieved our growth and fostered this culture by leveraging a number of different tools, including our safety incentive program. This is a biannual program that rewards those team members that have outstanding safety and attendance records.

As a Yates employee participating in this program, you’d put your name in a hat and if, after 6 months, you hadn’t had a safety incident or been late more than three times, your name would remain. Everyone who remains not only receives a gift card; they will also be in the running for an additional drawing for 1 of 2 grand prize gift cards.  We find that this is a great way to reward safe workers and bring everyone together as a community. By making safety appealing, everyone wins. It is just another way we have maintained and encouraged such a high level of workplace safety for over 40 years.

Another interesting program that rewards our employees is the Referral Program.  If one of our team members recommends a new hire and that person stays with us for at least 6 months, the referrer receives a gift card. We really want our employees to feel fully invested in Yates. We know that a strong, cohesive team can accomplish just about anything.  Hopefully these and our many other programs will keep us at the top of our game for another 40 years.

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