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Corrosion and Cylinders

June 26, 2012

Nothing will rob your cylinders of performance and longevity like corrosion. According to some studies, 2% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product is spent dealing with this often silent and hidden productivity killer.  This is especially a problem in off shore operations that feature hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. The combination of salt water and sea air eats away at these cylinder’s carbon steel rods and can cause tremendous corrosion damage.

No organization spends more time off shore than the US Navy. Because they are a key cog in our nation’s safety, the Navy can’t afford to let corrosion get in their way.  US Navy Aircraft CarrierTherefore, when the Navy started to notice that the cylinders used by spotting dollies aboard the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Regan nuclear aircraft carriers, were starting to show signs of corrosion, they called in the experts at Yates.

After examining the cylinders in question, we first suggested they upgrade cylinder capacity from 2,000 to 3,000 PSI.  Next, in conjunction with our partners at Vickers & Associates, we improved the design and construction of the cylinder’s seals to resist the effects of the damaging saltwater environment.  Following these changes, we used two different processes to manufacture two batches of cylinders, both of which created a product that would last longer and resist corrosion better.

The Navy was so pleased with the work we did on the USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Regan that they have continued to rely on Yates to keep many of their cylinders running at peak performance.  If you want to avoid the costly scourge of corrosion, contact us today and let Yates design and produce the perfect cylinder for you.

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