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Yates Knows Paper!

May 21, 2012

When you think of the paper and pulp industry two things usually come to mind: newspapers and paper to write or print on. These two items don’t exactly scream 21st century, and most people might even believe that modern technology will soon make the paper and pulp industry obsolete. That is simply not the case.  No smart phone or tablet will be replacing toilet paper, juice containers, or tissues anytime soon. Paper and pulp, and wood products for that matter, are an integral part of the modern world.

At Yates, we are proud of our involvement in both of these critical industries. You will find our cylinders throughout the factories of the world’s biggest producers of paper and pulp and wood products. If you can imagine a product that is made out of paper and pulp or wood, then Yates most likely plays a major part in making their creation possible.

Recently one of the largest paper companies in the U.S. approached Yates to redesign a faulty cylinder. This wasn’t just any cylinder. In fact, it was one that was used in a great deal of our client’s machinery. It also turned out that the cylinder’s inefficiency was costing the company a great deal of money each week. Our engineers were able to diagnosis the cylinder’s shortcomings and then cost-effectively and quickly redesign the faulty cylinder. Within a short period, our customer was back on line and running error free and at peak efficiency.

Projects like this one, have allowed Yates to become even more involved in the paper and pulp and wood industries. We are currently working on more exciting projects to revolutionize the industry. Keep checking our blog and website over the next few months to learn more!

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