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Yates and Ford at NAIAS 2012

April 5, 2012

Most companies do their very best to have their products featured at trade shows. If you happen to make cylinders for the auto industry, then you will do just about anything to get even a few feet of display space at the North American International Auto Show.  Yates Hydraulic Cylinder RepairThis year’s NAIAS drew an amazing 22,788 auto suppliers from 28 countries along with 5,196 media members from 61 countries. On top of those industry numbers, you need to add the 770,932 car-enthusiasts who came through the doors of Detroit’s Cobo Center over nine spectacular days (Jan 14-22, 2012).

Everyone at Yates was thrilled to find out that our cylinders would be powering perhaps the show’s most innovative and talked about attraction: Ford’s Living Connected Experience. This interactive look into the future of in-vehicle technology introduces attendees to five different technology trends before sending them up a 20-foot-tall elevator to “the cloud” where they view a 360-degree film. It was this step in the experience where Yates played an essential role.  Yates’ industry leading cylinders powered the hydraulics that made the elevator go up and down. The people at Ford not only trusted us to provide high quality cylinders that could lift hundreds if not thousands of people over the show’s nine day run, but they also trusted us with their reputation. View of the elevator while in use - Yates hydraulic cylinder repairIf this major interactive display broke down, what would that say about Ford’s ability to choose quality components? What would it say about their ability to take their products into the future? Of course, all the news out of NAIAS was positive. Ford’s Living Connected Experience ran flawlessly and was a big success for everyone involved.

While providing cylinders for trade show theme rides is not an everyday occurrence for us, it does make clear how versatile, innovative, and trustworthy Yates’ cylinders really are. To learn more about our involvement in NAIAS 2012, contact an expert at Yates today. For a virtual ride on the Living Connected Experience elevator powered by Yates’ cylinders, take a few minutes to watch this video.

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