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Yates Industries Welcomes New Inside Sales Manager

June 24, 2015

June 2015 | St Clair shores, MI Yates Industries is proud to announce Jeremy Hartman has joined the team as the Inside Sales Manager. Hartman brings almost a decade and a half of sales and sales management experience to the company. His experience spans a variety of positions ranging from the mortgage industry to pneumatic tool sales and most recently as Inside Sales Manager for Allied Electronics.

Hartman will now oversee Yates Industries’ Inside Sales Department, responding to customer requests for quotes, ensuring orders are completed on time and new business development.

“We go above and beyond the call of duty,” Hartman said when asked about Yates focus on customer service. “We really value accessibility and want our customers to know they can call us anytime and their calls won’t go to voicemail. That’s what makes good customer service great.”

He believes that high quality customer service, along with product innovation is the key to Yates’ growth in the future. “Right now, we provide a quality product at a fair price, so sales is about building relationships and understanding customer needs. The key is to build relationships,” Hartman said.

Building new relationships is the strategy as Yates continues to grow their service area and product line. Their recently added Atlanta manufacturing plant not only expanded regions the company serves but added an entire line of welded-body cylinders for the increasingly diverse needs of their clients. The Atlanta plant is a vital complement to the company’s Michigan and Alabama facilities to ensure great customer service in all regions east of the Mississippi.

Part of Mr. Hartman’s role will be heading the regional sales network and growing new territories outside Yates’ current regions, including all areas west of the Mississippi.

About Yates Industries | Yates Industries is a third generation, family-owned cylinder manufacturing company improving and providing high performance hydraulic cylinder products and services to the steel, aerospace, defense, shipping, automotive and manufacturing industries. With 43 years of experience, Yates’ team of dedicated professionals are the benchmark of the industry. For more information about Yates Industries call 586.778.7680 or visit them online at

What it Means to be a Family-Owned Cylinder Manufacturer is Exactly What it Means to Be Part of a Community

April 3, 2015

In the last few months, as we moved into the holiday season and the new year, we started reflecting on what it means to be a 2nd generation family-owned company.  There are many things that we’re grateful for of as we head into our 43rd year selling, manufacturing and repairing a full line of industrial cylinders.

One of the best parts about being a growing family-owned company is that as we add locations, like Alabama in 2007 and now Georgia in 2014, we can bring that close-knit, customer-service oriented culture to each new location.

Being a real part of and giving back to our new communities is a big part of that family-oriented culture. There are many ways we do this every year, through charitable donations, sponsorships, community events, educational tours, and more.

This year, as the holiday season was coming to a close, the Shorewood Kiwanis Club near our Yates Industries Headquarters in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan asked us if we’d help them with a year-end donation.

If you have a Kiwanis Club in your community you know they are made up of dedicated, community-minded businesses and people focused on making a difference for a variety of local organizations who do the same.

Because Shorewood Kiwanis lives by the Motto that guides all Kiwanians,
“Serving Our Communities, One Child at a Time”, they support many community-based organizations and projects that help kids.

Some of the programs we are proud we’ll be supporting this year along with them are: books for pre-school readers in the local library, various events for special needs children, several literacy and reading programs as well as four different children’s hospitals throughout Michigan.

Interestingly, Kiwanis was started by Allen S. Browne and Joseph G. Prance in 1915 in Detroit, Michigan and it has since grown into a global service and social organization with thousands of clubs all over the world.

If giving back to the community is something you or your company would like to do we high recommend checking out your local chapter. Most Kiwanis chapters we’ve seen regularly feature guest talks from local business and community leaders. They a worthy group to get involved in for learning, networking and giving back to your community. Check them out.

Yates Industries Expands Cylinder Line at Georgia Facility

February 26, 2015

Hydraulic Cylinder RepairLast year Yates Industries continued its expansion into the Southeast when we opened a third manufacturing plant in Austell, Georgia to complement our existing facilities in Decatur, Alabama and Saint Clair Shores, Michigan. This plant has become vital to the future of Yates Industries as the company continues to grow, not just geographically, but also in terms of customer satisfaction and product innovation.

At the Austell facility, Yates is able to offer an entire line of welded cylinders catered specifically to increasingly diverse needs of our clients. This new line includes the WH, WM, and WP series cylinders. The versatile Welded Heavy (WH) series includes cylinders that can be used in a range of industries including heavy equipment, oilfield, mining, manufacturing, waste handling equipment, and rolling mills.
Hydraulic Cylinder Repair
The Welded Medium (WM) series cylinders are designed for diverse set of equipment including belt loaders, towmotors, tractors, trampers, pressers, plows, harvesters, lifts, tilt, transfer, translate, and horizontal and vertical balers. WM cylinders can be used in the aviation ground support equipment, agricultural, material handling, and baler industries.

Yates’ Welded Pneumatic (WP) series cylinders are designed for manufacturing and packaging industry purposes. Yates offers replacement WP series cylinders for a range of machinery including latch, tilt, press, transfer, and mold equipment. Like all of our work, the welded cylinders produced in the Austell facility live up to the standards of quality that customers have come to expect from Yates Industries. As we continue to grow, Yates prides themselves on their ability to identify customer’s needs and replace or repair almost any cylinder.

About Yates Cylinders

Yates Industries is a third generation, family-owned hydraulic cylinder manufacturer and hydraulic cylinder repair company improving and providing high performance hydraulic cylinder products and services to the steel, aerospace, defense, shipping, automotive and manufacturing industries.

With 43 years of experience, Yates’ team of dedicated professionals, have become the benchmark of the industry. For more information about Yates Industries call 586.778.7680 or visit them online at

Adding Yates Cylinders, Georgia Division Means Two Things: Better Service and More Options for Our Customers

October 28, 2014

Yates Cylinder Repair GeorgiaAs you may have heard, over the summer we expanded again with the acquisition of a Georgia-based hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

We’re now well into setting up our full operations for Yates Cylinders, Georgia Division in Austell, Georgia and have been selling and servicing customers there since June.

We’re also hiring new people in the plant and the front office. We’re building up a great team so we can bring our Southeast customers the same fast and professional service we’re known for all through the Midwest.

Steve Cavera, our National Sales Manager told us, “This new expansion allows us to increase our manufacturing and cylinder repair service capabilities throughout the entire Eastern U.S.”

“Even more exciting is the new welded cylinder line we now add to our expansive product offerings,” he added. “It makes us even more competitive and more agile in servicing our customers’ needs.”

With our main plant in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan and Yates Cylinders, Alabama Division, located in Decatur, we now have three strategic locations to increase speed of service even more.

Whether you’re looking for hydraulic cylinder repair or custom manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, or any of our products, our expansion means faster turn around and less downtime no matter where your plant is located.

As a growing family-owned American manufacturer we focus on providing a level of service and customization that you won’t find from multinationals. With our new Georgia operations we’re definitely poised for even more growth, but what’s most important to us is maintaining our ability to stay agile, provide more options and better service.

About Yates Industries

Yates Industries is a third generation, family-owned Cylinder Manufacturing company improving and providing high performance hydraulic cylinder products and services to the steel, aerospace, defense, shipping, automotive and manufacturing industries. With 42 years of experience, Yates’ team of dedicated professionals has become the benchmark of the industry. For more information call 586.778.7680 or visit us online at Our World Headquarters is located at 23050 E. Industrial Dr. St. Clair Shores, MI 48080.

Our Cylinders May Not Seem Exciting But What They Do Certainly Is

September 12, 2014

Yates Cylinders Make Simulation Machines Feel Like the “Real Thing”

Have you ever seen one of those simulation machines in the mall? You know the ones – they look like a short and stubby spaceship and fit about 6 people at 5 or 10 bucks a pop. Once inside, they close the door and you enter a new simulated world.

Maybe you’re flying above mountains or plummeting over a waterfall or checking out the Milky Way.

When you’re inside flying down Niagara falls or racing over an impossibly steep roller coaster the last thing you think about is “how” or “what” is making it feel so realistic.

A main component of these machines are high tech industrial pneumatic cylinders for smoothly and safely simulating the motion.

Yates Industries makes these pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Though our cylinders and the technology behind them may not seem very exciting or sexy, what they do is.

The “top gun” guys rely on our cylinders to train pilots and an Earthquake Test Lab in Pennsylvania uses them to simulate seismological disaster. You can also find multi-million dollar versions of that “spaceship from the mall” in Las Vegas Casinos and at in Florida amusement parks. Yates cylinders power all of them.

Whether they’re used to educate, entertain, explore or train, all of these machines needs the most reliable, heavy-duty cylinders available. We make them.

Any airplane that has “crash landed” safely and the many fighter pilots who make it back from impossible odds, are proof positive of the value of realistic training with simulation equipment. Much of the realism depends on the reliable, high tech hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders you might never even think about.

With millions of visitors to amusement parks every year it’s obvious that the custom cylinders used in these applications also need to stand up to extensive and repeated use. The cylinders we make at Yates work at peak performance safely and without fail in every application and we think that is pretty exciting and maybe even a little sexy.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to make your own flight simulator, feel free to check out 10 Steps to Build Your Own Flight Simulator Instructable. Give us a call when you get to the pneumatic cylinder step, we might have what you need.

About Yates Industries

We have locations throughout the U.S. that allow us to offer door-to-door services for most manufacturers east of the Mississippi.

Our Saint Clair Shores, Michigan World Headquarters maintains the largest most complete repair facility in the Midwest, warehousing a huge inventory of tubing, rod stock, cold-rolled bar and seals.

In the South we have Yates Cylinders Alabama Division and our newest location, Yates Cylinders Georgia in Austell, GA to serve the Eastern and Southeastern U.S. Our services include 24-hour emergency hydraulic cylinder repair, cylinder pick-up and delivery. With our in-house design, engineering and field application services we can do custom manufacturing and even come on-site to fulfill any possible cylinder-related needs.

You Won’t Believe What an Avant-Garde Circus Group, an Airplane Manufacturer, the U.S Military & an Amusement Park All Have in Common

August 13, 2014

Before you make a wild guess, you can add dozens of steel companies, metal stampers, metal press companies, railroads, a fighter pilot school and even a university to the list.

Still stumped?

They all use Yates Industries’ cylinders.

Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders are used in thousands of industrial applications and since 1972 we have had the single focus of being the country’s best source for cylinders.

Starting on Detroit’s East Side 42 years ago, working first with the American steel industry, we now supply cylinders throughout mainstream American commerce.

As the legendary football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Success demands singleness of purpose.”

This single-minded purpose is the driving force motivating our team of dedicated professional craftsmen to produce reliable and cost effective products that operate at peak performance, every time.

We are so confident in our product quality, we offer an industry-leading three-year warranty on all our Yates N.F.P.A.-mounting style cylinders.

For us, continuous expansion means the capability of always providing the best service possible to our customers wherever they are located, in the U.S and beyond.

Our newest Yates Cylinders Georgia Division in Austell joins Yates Cylinders Alabama in Decatur and our HQ in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. With these three locations we can service the entire U.S., east of the Mississippi, with the fastest turnarounds in the industry.

Our company locations are further supported by a national distributor network and direct sales force headed by Steve Cavera.

From Sault Ste. Marie to the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, we supply North American industry with new cylinders and hydraulic cylinder repairs that are reliable and operate at peak performance. Yates Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Put us to the test. When you do, we know we’ll be your cylinder source and we’ll continue to deliver you the best products – on time, every time.

Can your Cylinders Handle the Heat?

July 16, 2014

Steel Mills Extreme Heat Destroys Ordinary Cylinders

Molten steel reaches nearly 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Any equipment used in the steel mill needs to withstand similar extreme temperatures. Not every cylinder manufacturer can produce the quality of cylinder steel mills must have to keep production moving and make sure employees are safe.

Under conditions like these, cylinder failure could mean catastrophe.

Yates Cylinders Withstands the Heat

We’ve spent more than 40 years making cylinders that can stand up to the heat, pressure, dust and dirt of 24/7 steel production environment.

Our newest line of cylinders include induction-hardened bronze rod bearings, chrome rods and bronze overlay pistons. All of our steel mill cylinders can be fitted with fire-retardant seals for use in continuous casting machines, rolling mills, furnaces and secondary metallurgy.

We also have some of the fastest hydraulic cylinder repair and upgrade times in the industry with facilities in Michigan, Georgia and Alabama we are at your doorstep. As an added level of security we offer a spare cylinder storage program making emergency cylinder replacements ready for immediate delivery.

Hydraulic Cylinders Break — Repair Can Save Money & Increase Production

June 20, 2014

Cost savings and increased productivity are crucial for any company. Developing and adhering to a maintenance and hydraulic cylinder repair program for your hydraulic cylinders when they breakdown or wear out, instead of buying new, provides both – increased production and decreased costs.

This one thing accounts for 80% of hydraulic cylinder failures

Maximizing the life of a hydraulic cylinder begins with a dedicated approach to maintenance. The biggest culprit in cylinder failure is fluid contamination. This single item accounts for close to 80% of all hydraulic cylinder failures. Not having an established regular fluid inspection schedule and cleanliness targets can result in high levels of micron particles that will eventually score the cylinder rod, cylinder bores and lead to seal failure.

Fluid inspection frequency factors

Depending on your industry, system, usage, and maintenance standards, hydraulic fluid should be checked a minimum of once per quarter and sent out to a lab for an ISO cleanliness test. The fluid will be graded on 6 levels ranging from 2 up to 50 microns. The results of the test will determine whether the fluid needs to be changed or filtered to get back within specifications. Servo value systems, because of the close tolerances and precise nature of the equipment, will require special attention and very high cleanliness standards.

Regular checking of connections, boots & mounts means fewer problems

Periodic inspections of the cylinders to ensure that pivot points are greased, rod end connections are tight and not working loose from their mounts and checking that rod boots are in good condition can prevent potential problems.

Established inspection systems can extend hydraulic cylinder life

There are numerous other reasons cylinders fail, preventing any of them depends on systematic inspections and detailed procedures of what and how to inspect. Cylinders can break because of inappropriate application for the specific task or an improper mounting, which can create extra stress and cause failure. Of course there is always the potential of a random event, like a piece of construction equipment or manufacturing material falling on an exposed cylinder rod causing a nick or other defect on the surface. Regular inspections can help you catch small things before they turn into big things and cause partial or complete premature failure of your hydraulic cylinder.

Repair or Replace? That is the question.

Parts break. Machines wear out. Same goes for even the highest quality Yates’ cylinders and applying the most stringent maintenance standards. Eventually a cylinder is going to fail or simply wear out under normal use. Choosing hydraulic cylinder repair as your first option could save 10s of thousands on a single cylinder.

Knowing what caused premature cylinder failure can save even more

Repairing a cylinder instead of buying a new one not only saves money, it can mean faster turn around times, and in many cases help you identify the cause of the failure and make the necessary corrections that will eliminate the problem in the future.

Do you sell or repair hydraulic cylinders? Then why stock them?

In the past, companies stocked a spare cylinder or two as back up to assure continuity of production; however, in today’s economy that’s just too expensive for most companies. The lean solution is using specialized hydraulic cylinder repair facilities like Yates Industries. We have a 24-hour/ 7 Day a week emergency hydraulic cylinder repair service and we have a huge warehouse with a complete selection of parts and materials so we can do almost any cylinder repair in a quarter of the time (or less) than it takes to machine a whole new replacement.

How fast can you repair my broken cylinder? How fast do you need it?

We can often repair and ship a cylinder within a day or two of receiving the product needing repair. The length of time will depend on the size and condition of the unit, but if your cylinder fails on a Sunday we could very well get you back up and running by Tuesday. We have a small business customer focus with big business capability.

Ready to save 50 grand?

Repairing a failed cylinder can save a company 40–50% of the cost of a new unit. This is huge, considering that new hydraulic cylinders can cost upwards of $100,000 for certain applications.

A large portion of the savings comes about as a direct result of using many of the existing parts in the repair process; it does not compromise the quality of the cylinder but can actually enhance the life of the unit.

Inside and out, top to bottom inspection before we do the repair

Each cylinder receives a thorough inspection at the start of the repair process to determine the overall condition of the unit. During this phase, Yates technicians check to see if there has been any stress placed on the unit from excessive side loads, improper mounting, fluid contamination or a defective seal. All welds are also dye tested for stress cracks.

Our hydraulic cylinder repair process can give you a “better than new” cylinder

This procedure enables our technicians to determine the possible cause of the failure and make the necessary corrections in the repair process to restore the unit to a better than new condition. This is also a time when a determination can be made to assure that the cylinder is the proper fit for the application. In comparison, buying a new cylinder will not address the specific technical or design or other flaws that led to the failure.

Replace, bore, hone and re-chrome. Repaired cylinders back to OEM specs.

During the hydraulic cylinder repair process, defective parts are replaced. The cylinder body is bored and honed if necessary – rods straightened, OD re-chromed, end caps reworked and seals replaced or upgraded if possible. One of the advantages of repairing a cylinder is if a rod has to be machined and re-chromed we will increase the layer of chrome from 1/1000th of an inch upwards to 4/1000th – a process that enhances the surface hardness of the rod and performance life of the cylinder. All cylinders we repair are brought back to like-new, OEM condition and are warranted for workmanship and material for a full 6 months.

If you have a cylinder you need repaired or have questions on establishing a maintenance program for your plant’s hydraulic cylinders you can contact us in Michigan at our 
Corporate Office 
23050 E Industrial Dr 
St Clair Shores, MI 48080 Phone: (586) 778-7680 Email: Or Yates Cylinders Alabama,
 55 Refreshment Place 
Decatur, AL 35601. Phone: (256) 351-8081 Email: Our Emergency repair line is (800) 340-6024.

Want to Keep Your Company from Going “Broke”?

May 16, 2014

In today’s competitive world market, you need to keep your company up and running and minimize downtime in order to compete and win.  At the same time, you don’t want your company going “broke” by stocking expensive replacement parts as the solution.  At Yates, we’ve got you covered!

Yates Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Yates has a fast and comprehensive hydraulic cylinder repair service that can get your hydraulic cylinders fixed and your machines back up and running quickly!

Did you know that it is often possible for Yates to repair and ship a cylinder within a day or two?  In many cases that’s up to a quarter of the time it takes to machine a new replacement!

Not only is the turn-around time often faster, it can also be substantially cheaper to repair an existing cylinder instead of buying a new one.  In some cases the repair can be 40-50% of the cost of a new unit.  When you consider that some new hydraulic cylinders can cost upwards of $100,000 that is a significant savings!

Be sure to check out the full details of Yates’ hydraulic cylinder repair service here.

We even offer 24/7 emergency hydraulic cylinder repair.


Why It’s Critical for You to Learn About Yates’ New Cylinder Line

April 29, 2014

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

It’s almost time again for AISTech 2014.  Where has the year gone?  It seems like AISTech 2013 was just a few months back.

This year’s show is especially exciting for us as we will be unveiling a brand new catalog with our full line of cylinder products for the steel industry.  This new cylinder line could be crucial to keep your company functioning smoothly.  Come by our booth to learn why.

We’ll have  several members of our sales and engineering departments on hand to meet with you and discuss Yates’ cylinders. No matter how big or hot the environment we either have, or can build, reliable customized solutions your steel production needs.

It’s also an exciting time for us to interact with existing customers and get your feedback on our products and services, so we can continue to develop quality cylinder products that meet the exacting standards of the Steel Industry.  Our customers mean everything to us and we enjoy getting to see you and talk to you.

The show runs May 5-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Come see us at booth #1233.  AISTech brings together suppliers, like Yates Industries, steel industry buyers and key decision makers in the steel industry from all around the world.

We hope to see you there!

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